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Beep Media Player

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Jul 14, 2001
Ontario, Canada
Beep Media Player is a port of XMMS to GTK2. I heard that a number of people were getting fed up with XMMS sticking with GTK+ 1.4 but I never really though anything would develop of it. I heard some messy things about the code. :)

Well I recently discovered this project which has actually done it for the most part. The preferences window is now much better laid out and the actual presentation of the player looks great. One problem I've found is that if I use some plugins for other applications that reported or controled XMMS (e.g. an X-Chat script and a gDesklets XMMS frontend) they crashed the player. I've given up using them for now since I really think this is more worth it.

Right now the 0.9.6 build doesn't work so you have to grab the CVS snapshots from the Sourceforge files section. They've been mentioning that they are close to a 0.9.7 release and it built fine for me with no problems.

They have a lot of plans with this player and it looks very promising. I think you should all check it out, you may just ditch XMMS. :)




Oct 6, 2002
I had no problem with XMMS, it's MPlayer that was the problem. Call me crazy, but I like being able to use a GUI without having to download skins and recompile it. Even then it was a pain.