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Believe one of my WD 500GB going bad. Time to RMA?

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Jun 24, 2002
California, US
So I've been having random complete freezes on my computer and everything is at stock settings. Randomly decided to run HDTune, since I wanted to see how my new boot drive SSD compared to my other drives. Noticed there were some problems with one of my AAKS. I then moved all the files off of it (there were only about 15gbs on there) onto another drive. Tested again and same thing.


Then I tested my other WD5000AAKS drive and it turns out normal


I reformat it, same thing. So then I remove my healthy 500aaks and plug the power/sata cable from the healthy one into the going bad one and same thing.




Here's the odd thing, when I run HDTune error scan it comes up with no errors. I've ran WD's 2 scans + write 0's to drive a couple times and they all pass. I ran checkdisk and it just says finished.

Then I ran spinrite and it said that the partition was bad on the drive. So I removed the partition then ran spinrite and it came up with a bunch of damaged sectors that it "recovered" data from. Not sure what data since I thought I wrote 0's to it a few times.

Then after spinrite finished today, I tried going into windows disk management and it would freeze. So I booted up my Vista repair disk (I'm on XP btw) and created a partition with diskpart. Booted back into winxp and formatted the drive. Then I ran HD Tune on it again and it was even worse than before. Then my computer froze again.

So I'm pretty sure its dying and I would like to RMA it, but WD tools and HD Tune both show no bad sectors. What would cause something like this? I don't want to try to RMA only for them to say the drive is good then charge me or something for it.


Very kind Senior
Mar 13, 2002
Greensboro NC
I would recommend an RMA. The drive may be able to pass diagnostics, but the behavior is highly suspect. You have tried all of the normal methods of correcting faults, but the condition persists.