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Bent pins on LGA 1151. Need help!

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New Member
Oct 17, 2016
Hi guys. Yesterday I decided to build my new system (asus z170A with i5 6600k) and on my dumbest move ever I just bent 3 pins from the mobo when tooking out the socket protection

I spent a couple of hours trying to bend them back in line again, and this is the best I could get:
(Pics below)

I know the best option in situations like this is always trying to return the mobo but rma is not an option for me since I got it overseas, so I need your expertise on this:

- Do the pins need to be perfectly aligned for the cpu to work without issues?
- Do you think that Im currently in condition to test the cpu at this stage or do I need to keep working on aligning the pins a little more?





Looks to me like you did a fine job, the only way to know is to test it. Looks to me like it'll work.

That takes a lot of patience
You won't know until you build it. Working too much back and forth on bent pins will probably break off a few. If they look reasonably upright there is only so much you can do without a good eye and the proper tools. Do the best you can and assemble and see what happens, nothing more to lose. I thought I bent a few on my 1151 board by dropping the CPU from a very short distance. You get paranoid when it happens because then they ALL look bent!

Looking at them became an optical illusion to my older eyes even with a magnifier so I just assembled it and voila! It all worked.
If you didn't highlight the areas with the bent pins, I would not be able to tell you where they were on the pictures.

Nice job man! :thup:
Fire it up!!
The onliest way you'll know is to try....you could always borrow a proc from someone you don't really care for ;)

I'd be willin' to stake ED's reputation on your bein' fine :D