Best 40"- 50" TV

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Mar 28, 2016
Hi guys,
I'm looking for a Smart TV to watch movies and play some console games. My budget is 370$ (280.000 pesos).Brands i consider are LG, Samsung and TLC. There are 2 types of panels, IPS which has weaker contrast and VA which has better visuals. LG TVs suppossedly last longer and have better OS than Samsung, but the interface is bad in both. AFAIK Android TV is the best OS, I could also get Chromecast TV later on.
So which TV should I go for?
Samsung 43” IPS Panel 43” IPS Panel 50” (>300k) VA Panel

LG 43” IPS Panel (white pixel issue) 43” IPS Panel 49” IPS Panel 50” (>300k) VA Panel

TCL ( Android TV) 40" TN Panel 40 " TN Panel 40 " VA Panel 50 " VA Panel

I appreciate your help


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May 29, 2005
I would recommend looking at and avs forum for the TV's you are considering to see if they have reviews or dedicated threads for them to read through. It has worked well for me when making screen/tv purchases.

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