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Best aircooling system for T-Bird 700@1000 ?

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Just throw an alpha cooler on that cpu with a few case fans for taking air in and exhausting air out of the case.
Thats Alpha Pal6035 right? do I need the best but loudest fan for that purpous or would a smaller one do it as well?
If you want AMD approved, get a FOP32, clean off the pad, lap it and use Artic Silver.
The Alpha's have 60mm fans on them. They are not that loud. I've got a PIII Alhpa on my cpu. They have 2 60mm fans and when I turn my case fans to 7volts and shut the door to my pc desk it is'nt very load at all.
ok so I one of that AlphaPALs :)

just another question... do I need anything else but that Alpha hsf combo + thermal grease for ocing a T-Bird (beside the unlocking)?
DO NOT...and I repeat DO NOT get the delta 38cfm fan. I got one myself earlier and removed it from my computer after using it for just 1 day. It will kill your ears. It sounds like a hairdryer and believe me it is loud.
The best Air cooled HSF I've used so far is Alpha PEP66 and Hedgehog with YS-Tech fan. I prefer Alpha PEP66 over the Hedgehog because of the weight. Hedgehog is a one massive all copper heatsink. They both perform really well. Just make sure you have a good ventilation inside your case.
I think an Alpha 6035 or pep66 with a papst 33cfm fan would be a better place between noise and power.. An article on the site shows theres about 2% difference between papst 33 vs delta 38 cfm in temperature result... You may use the adda28 cfm fan too, still faster than the traditional Ystech 26 cfm...
Yeah I have an AlphaPEP YS-Tech combo on my celly 600@900 currently... I can hear it but its not really annyoing... but I definitely don't want it to be louder... never heared a really loud fan yet but it seems that noise from bigger fans can be really evil according to your words...

so, Alphas are quite hard to get here in Europe thatswhy I ask myself if a FOP32 would have enough performance as well?
u dont want to fool with FOP clips or the aging alpha, u want the new Vantec, best clip, delta packin, cool as nuts hs. love it, never see 40c no matter how hard i try. currently modding to accept a 120mm buzzbomb.

good luck,