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Best B350 mobo for overclock Ryzen 1700 to 4.0Ghz

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Mar 19, 2017
Lviv, Ukraine
I'm looking for the best B350-based mobo for overclocking Ryzen 1700 to 4 Ghz
Is there any suggestions about it?

I'm going to buy good mobo in therms of quality of power-phases and ATX form-factor

The thing I know for sure - I don't need SLI of Crossfire support, I don't need any LED, RGB and other junk stuff

I find only a couple of boards:
1. ASRock AB350 Pro4 (9 phases. on German forum someone said that there are only 3+3 true phases)
2. ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 (this mobo is a twin of AB350 Pro4. the difference is cosmetic look and marketing strategy (RGB-lighting on chipset, radiator colored red and metal PCI-e 16X Slot))
3. ASUS Prime B350-Plus (overall good board, but there is no USB type C connector and only 1xM.2 slot, but on German forum someone said that there are 4 true phases (4+2 formula))

Maybe there is no mobo for my needs right now, or I have to look for X370-based mobos?
B350 TOMAHAWK. Mine is completely stable in games and seems stable when rendering and encoding, but once the temps get to high 75-85c it just crashes. You will need some type of liquid cooling if you want to take it to 4Ghz for whatever board you choose.

I need to put up a PSA on this, but here is my beef: First it removes 3 of the mounting holes which is complete BS. Second, it barley allowed for any 24/7 overclocking with 3200MHz, although that could be better with mature BIOS. I got more gripes about the board with notes back home, but oh man I absolutely did not like that board.
Thanks for your reply.
I bought ASRock AB350 Pro4 instead Asus B350. And I like it.

Do you have a problem with RAM overclocking? What exactly RAM do you have?
As far I know, to achieve 3200Mhz it has to be CL15 or faster RAM, Single Rank, 2 sticks (max). Best performance gives Samsung B-Die based memory.
I have Trident-Z with Samsung chips. I was never able to get it to run fully at 3200MHz, but 2999 seemed ok from what I recall. I do have more notes at home.
Gigabyte B350 Gaming-3 seems good but under full load after OC till 4GHz+ you may see 100°C on VRM. All was 100% stable but because of these temps I'm not sure if I can recommend it. For sure good board if you want it for games etc as then VRM won't run so hot. Memory runs at 3200 easier than on ASUS X370 Prime and generally I had no problems but I'm not sure what to think about these VRM temps. Anyway I sold this board.
There is 1 sensor so hard to say where is it located but additional fan wasn't helping at all. Maybe it's wrong read, hard to say.