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Best board out there for a 600E????? PLease help.

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New Member
Nov 15, 2002
Hi hows it going guys, I have been running a Asus p3v4x for the past 2 years now and it finnaly **** on me the other day.
(first my keyboard controller went, so i used a usb and now my ide controllers are gone.)

Whats the best board out there right now for a 600e chip????

I dont have the loot right now to upgrade the whole system unfortunatly..:(

The system went 2 years trouble free at 840mhz and pc100 ram!



Aug 18, 2002
One of the first I'd recommend is the Abit BE-6. This was the overclocking board for the Slot 1 procs back in the day.



Jun 11, 2002
was anything wrong with the p3v4x? if not get another, or a cuv4x, the socket370 version. Id say just get the cheapest board that has what you need.

You might want a board that supports tualatins. In that case an abit st6 would be good. Or just get a fcpga1 board and mod it.


Jun 27, 2001
Wash. State
JCLW said:
Is the chip SECC2 or FC-PGA?

- JW
Good question. If you want to use that chip and make some modifications later then get the ABIT ST-6 mobo. They are getting pretty tuff to find now though. Otherwise just do like the other guy said and get whatever board that has what you need. I doubt that you are wanting to get another two years out of that comp anyways.