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Best Board to buy for AGP 8x

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New Member
Oct 26, 2002
South Carolina
Looking to upgrade my system from what i have which is

asus p4b mb
pc133 sdram
1.7ghz p4

Just purchased a ATI Radeon Pro 9700 and looking for what you experts reccommend for me to purchase

I want to go to at least a p4 2.6
I want corsair 3500 memory in it also

What is the best board out there for this?....Thanks for any help


Aug 18, 2002
That's a P4B533 board?

If it is, oh hell-even if it isn't, I'd sit tight for a month or two for the Granite Bay dual DDR boards to show up.

This might be important to you: I don't know if the GB will support AGP 8X...but I really don't care if it does, either. Dual DDR will add an immediate effect to the bottom line performance of your machine, and that's why I think its worth waiting for. But AGP 8X won't for at least a year, maybe more. Ditto for DX9 support.

I'm not ragging on the Radeon. Its a killer card, but the AGP 8X support just isn't worth building a system around.



Inactive Moderator
Jul 12, 2002
Granite bay does support 8X AGP

But I agree it's unimportant for this and the next few product cycles of video cards.


Apr 3, 2002
Vancouver BC, Canada
Check out the Asus P4PE...with it's newer chipset officially supporting 333 you won't need to use a 'hack' like on the P4B533 to enable async memory above 133FSB.

Let go of 8x AGP for now...by the time it makes a difference if any it'll be time for a new Videocard and Mobo. Then again by that time I'm sure we'll be seeing something like 16 or 32x AGP cards.

8x support only describes how much available bandwidth you have...not how fast you will run. Videocards that sport 128mb of memory are not very dependant upon system memory for any texture storage and stuff...well that's my take on it anyhoo.