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Best boxing game?

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OC Noob

Jun 28, 2002
Phoenix, AZ USA
Been playing Rocky and its pretty good. Have Ready 2 Rumble for DC, but haven't played it yet.

Which boxing game is your favorite, other then the obvious best...Mike Tyson's Punch Out!
Maybe Super Punch Out?, its a bit too easy once you figure it out.
But the boxing genre is limited, ive heard that Knockout Kings 2003 is ok if your into boxing with legendary fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard, Ali etc.
gentlemen............please...........mike tyson's punch out.......need i say more?
Oni said:
Punch Out! and Super Punch Out are great! Teleroboxer was also pretty cool, if you can even find a Virtualboy anywhere :p

My poor virtual boy just kicked the bucket.

Wario was a kick butt game in 3D!
Oni said:

You must be one of the 10 people total who actually bought a Virtual Boy :p

lol, for $30 when they were discontinuing them I grabbed one and the only 4 games they had left.

For full price they were doomed to fail, but I thought they were really kind of neat for $30. A bit of a pain to use tho. I would always lay in bed and just set it on my head.

It was a neat piece of failed gaming history. I may pick up one via ebay just to have one. Then again I could just wipe my butt with a $50 bill too:D
I loved Mike Tysons Punchout, but I think that the Knockout Kings series was the best. I remember following a lot of those boxers when I was growing up, plus any game that has Rocky Marciano in it has go be good.
Knockout Kings is the only one I have played... some of the other ones look too cheesy for my liking (graphically). I have heard (from PS2 magazines) that Mike Tyson Boxing is crap..... so I never bothered to get it... plus I can't stand the dork (liked him when he came out) anymore.