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Best brand for RMA when buying used parts?

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Aug 30, 2014
Hello everyone!

I'm trying to find out which are the best brand for RMA on used parts. I want to buy used parts for my cousin but I want her to be able to RMA if anything is wrong with a part. So I want companies that do RMA on serial numbers or hassle free like that. I have had experience with MSI doing RMA with only the serial number and Gigabyte as well so those are already on the list.

As far as CPU (intel) If I have the original box with original fan and heatsink, is that enough for them?

RMA by Serial number:
*ASUS - not yet 100% sure yet

Thanks for the help
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EVGA is confirmed, thanks!

Anyone sure about ASUS?

Seriously. Just went through the RMA process for my GTX780 SC. It was Overclockers.com own review sample and I am receiving a new one this Monday. The whole process took just over 1 week. I did not have to provide proof of purchase or get the original owner involved. Guest RMA is what I used btw. (I have an EVGA account and they linked the guest RMA to my account so I can track the status)

Painless as ever!!

ASUS can be hit or miss I hear.
It was the ROG stuff that was easy to RMA. Other lower end stuff... Well, best to buy a new one.
I don't know if they have changed their ways since I heard all of this though...
I'm hoping to not ever have to RMA my Sabertooth.
Thanks for the input guys.

Silver, 1 week is pretty nice!

Thanks for the comments.

Anyone know anything about asrock?
Thanks for the input guys.

Silver, 1 week is pretty nice!

Thanks for the comments.

Anyone know anything about asrock?
I have heard that ASRock has good CS as well.
Never RMA'd with them but they seem like a decent company :thup:
ASROCK you need a invoice For RMA

RMA Procedures
•RMA hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
•Customer must call Seller's Customer Service Department to obtain a RMA Rquest Form (RRF). Customer must fill out this RRF to include Product Code(s), Quantities, Version, Serial Number(s), Invoice Number(s), Invoice Date(s), and Description of the Problem(s). Customer then fax this completed RRF to Seller's Customer Service Department along with a copy of Seller's invoice.
•Seller will either call or fax Customer advising Customer Seller's RMA Number.
•After being assigned a RMA Number, Customer must ship the product(s) back to Seller freight prepaid. The RMA shipment must include copy of the completed RRF. The outer shipment box must show the assigned RMA Number clearly printed on the outside of the box or otherwise the return shipment will not be accepted.
I spoke to a customer rep @ ASUS about a year ago about a used board. He said they use the serial number (handy that mine was out of warranty)

Im dealing with Sapphire right now on a used GPU and they seem alright. They use the serial, but want a fee because of the part is a used part.
OK so ASUS is still iffy but might work. I just looked up my 960gtx on Eva guest rma and have like 980 days left.... that's what I'm talking about right there!
won't be first choice!

As the others have said, EVGA for sure. ASUS build quality is top notch, but if you're trying to RMA a board/part you didn't buy new, you may have some issues with ASUS. I'm a little confused buy your outlook though, where RMA is your first priority. Buying used, there is always a risk but stick to trusted sellers and you'll probably be ok. I would personally try to find really good deals on the Egg or Amazon for their shellshocker 24Hr sales. Buying new and modern parts is always your best bet when it comes to electronics to save yourself the headache of trying to identify faulty hardware when all of it is used.
I use mixed new and used. I just want to stick with brands that have the least hassle RMA'ing without an invoice or any of that. This is mostly because I have been building computers for family and want a little recourse with a failed part other than go out and buy a new one. Thats if it is new enough for RMA to begin with. I'm just trying to stretch my dollar when buying parts for family members and would like a small net for them to fall on if something goes wrong. I buy new stuff a lot and would also prefer the least hassle with new parts going RMA too lol. I am in the sales places all the time.