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Best C/W at 16 CFM

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Jun 17, 2001
I'm building an Athlon 1.4 ghz on a AM7266 board. Not being much of a he-man, I don't overclock and I'm not into loud fans. My question is, what would cool better with a 16 cfm fan: a Thermoengine (stock fan is 16 cfm) or a Swiftech MC-462 (stock fan is 53 cfm). On one hand you might be tempted to say Swiftech because of its mass and, well, because its a Swiftech. On the other hand, you might say Thermoengine as 16 cfm is so inadequate relative to the mass that must be cooled on a Swiftech. The Swiftech would have to radiate much of its heat on its own to avoid overheating. Any thoughts?
welle even if you aren't overclocking you will need to properly cool it. An Orb cooler is not going to cut it on an Athlon 1.4. If you want a quiet HSF with good performance, the 462 is an excellent choice, albeit pricey. For a cheaper side, a thermoengine with a 26cfm YStech fan will do or a Glaciator. Those are you best options.
Yes, those would work. But the question remains, really more from a discussion point. Which would cool better at 16 cfm?
I have a super-charged thermoengine. It rocks! I would highly recommend the thermoengine, super-charged or not, especially since you are trying to cool a 1.4. It will get pretty hot, even if it's not OCed. Just be sure to remove the damn pad that comes with it. I don't trust those things, use thermal compound instead.
Bottom line is 16 cfm is not enough fan to keep a TBird at 1.4 + nice and cool. You may be able to get away with it not OC'd but thats all you will be doing, just barly hanging on. If your room temp goes up in the summer it may cause problems. Also regardles of the HSF you use you will need to improve case ventalation. The temp inside of a closed up case will scyrocket with a high end bird if you don't add fans. Sorry to say the you are not going to get away with an inaudible system when running at 1.4 gig.