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Best case fans for watercooling air flow

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Demon of Elru

Dec 20, 2018
So I am going to change out my Phanteks F140SP as I want better PWM control and better air flow (nice fans however). Two of the front would be RGB or LED preferably the other 3 or 4 it doesn't matter. These would prioritize CFM over static pressure. Silent at low level barely audible at mid and tolerable at high basically. They don't have to be the benchmark best of the bunch. But something that can move air quickly and efficiently through intake and exhaust. Fan size is 140mm preferably as why go with 120 when 140 is available? I was looking at Arctic P14 PWM, Silent Wings 3, Phanteks MP/SK series, Lian Li UNISL140, Thermalright TL-C14, and Noctua NF-A14. Two of these preferably LED or RGB just to keep my front lit up.

Are these case fans for a watercooled system or radiator fans. Arctic fans are great price to performance for case fans. For rad fans you want high static pressure. I use EK fans, they've been pretty good, can be quiet at low RPM and don't have problems starting at low RPM, but they're loud at high RPM. Part of that is the rads they're going through.

What about budget, you've mentioned some of the most expensive fans on the market along side some of the least expensive. The Noctua will perform better and make less noise than arctic for example, but at 2-4x the price you have to decide if its worth the marginal improvement.
These would be case fans I currently have rad fans already and just need case fans to maintain a steady airflow within the case. AS for budget I am pretty flexible here, or at least will weigh the option. These would be hooked up to a Aquacomputer Quadro. I plan on possibly getting an Aquaero 6 down the road.
I would go with the Arctic F14 PWM PST for the non-aRGB fans. I've been really happy with the F12 & P12 PWM fans I'm using. I don't have any experience with good aRGB fans, so I can't really provide an opinion on that.
I've heard mixed reviews of the Arctic fans, though they are well priced. I also have been told about this brand called Thermalright, TL-C14's do you know anything about those?
I know Thermalright’s CPU heatsinks have been among the best air coolers for many, many years. Years ago their heat sinks didn’t come with fans. You had to supply the fan from another source. If they are in the fan business now, I feel sure they are selling quality products.
I place Thermalright fans near or equal to Noctua, unfortunately that means in price too. Good fans just pricey.

I changed from Gentle Typhoons to the Arctic PWM fans in my current water build and so far like them. I will add that while they keep the radiator nice and cool I don't feel the air movement through the radiator as much as my GT though. More specifically I'm noticing more heat in the case itself versus the GT of my previous builds. I'm about to add 3 more as a push/pull design to see if it helps. I doubt it will do much more to cool the radiator but I'm hoping it gets more air moving inside of the case.
I went ahead and found Thermalright TL-C14X and C-14L with RGB on amazon for 16.99 and 18.99. I am probably going to grab them.
A break in my direction, fans are arriving today. Still the build must be delayed until next weekend however. For some reason a build takes me all day.
That's not a bad thing, rushing is usually how problems happen and stuff gets broken. If you're not building on a regular basis it's best to set aside a good amount of time and not have to feel in a hurry.
I agree there is no rush. Though I believe I have everything I need to begin. Still doesn't hurt to make sure. I will try for thus weekend.
Build complete. Started at 7:45 AM finished 10:30 PM. Would be quicker if I had a better place to do the build. Its either lug up and down 2 flights of stairs or build on my bed with a sheet on plywood. Ill post some pics tomorrow.