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Best Cheap HSF....Noise Doesn't Matter...

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New Member
Jun 9, 2001
What is the best HSF under $40 or so to cool a T-Bird 1gig at 1.4gig??? The noise from the Delta doesn't bother me. Has to have a clip that will keep it on howerver, because I move my comp at least once a week to and from LANs. I was thinking of a Globalwin WBK38 because it weighs less then 300g and looks like it provides good cooling, however the clip and performance compared to some others worries me. What do you all think I should go with?
There are a lot of effective coolers in your price range, but if you want one with a real secure clip system, consider the Taisol CGK-760092. It utilizes all three lugs on each side of the socket. Paired up with the 38cfm Delta, it will handle a 1G at 1.4G as long as your room is not a sauna and the case is well ventilated. Personally, I hate all clip systems. The only really secure retainer system is the one with the Swiftech MC-462A, but it is quite a bit outside your price range. At least the Taisol uses all 3 lugs on each side, so less of a chance breaking the HSF loose.

I like the numbers for the Millenium Glacier. That thing is nutty good, and it uses a clip. Under $40 too if I'm not mistaken.
But the WBK38 weighs 1/4 the Glaciator and uses basically the same clip.....Woulnd't want a 1.5 pound copper block bouncing around in my case, even if it can cool 2-3 degrees cooler then a WBK38. What do the rest of you think?
I am quite impressed with the ThermoEngine that I got from 3dfxcool for 35.00 The clip is not to bad as far as instalation goes and the thing flat cools my cpu. It did a pretty good job with the YS-Tech 27.5 cfm fan on it but today I recieved the 34cfm 60x25mm fan that was supposed to come on it so I put it on and my idle/low load temp went from 38C down to 32C and it only climbs to 42C loaded and this is running at 1.54 GHz ! This thing is small and light (I don't know the exact weight) and I am using the supplied phase change pad. I was going to put ASII on it but it's working so well I'm not going to bother. One thing to watch out for if anyone orders one of these from anywhere else make sure you get the 34cfm fan on it and not the 60x10mm 16cfm fan or you will be real disapointed that little fan just doesn't cut it or do this HS justice. The 34cfm fan is louder than my YS-tech but it is not anoying to me, it does not have the high pitched whine that the Delta Black label does but for someone that doesn't mind their puter sounding like a Hoover or Kirby vacuum cleaner the thing should cool even better with the Delta on it. Untill I see some feedback on the Glaciator from people using them in these forums on comparable systems I'm not in any hurry to replace my HSF .