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Best Chipset Cooler???

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Dec 26, 2000
Baton Rouge, LA
what's the best chipset cooler i can get...everyone keeps talking about the blue orb, but i'm wondering if there's anything better out there...I've got an A7V133 and i'm trying to up the fsb

even considering epoxying a heatsink/fan

thanks for any info
The blue orb is prolly the best chipset cooler that is actually meant for chipsets. But a lot of people for their video cards use small socket7 HSF's.
svcompucycle has epoxy super cheap like 9bucks and orbs for 7.50 if you want to use an orb that is. thermtake is evil! EVIL
On my A7V133 I took a stock Intel P3 HSF, drilled and tapped 2 holes then bolted it to the chipset through the 2 holes in the mobo. This got me from 144 to 150 fsb with the ability to run a higher i/o voltage at cooler temps.
The best for the price would be to make your own out of an old HSF for a CPU cut it down to size then your set mine was 5 bucks and it cools circles around the borb to attach it use thermal compound on the chip with 4 drops of superglue in the corners and your set.
Coolermaster socket A, 50mm wide HSF, $5 at a computer show. Drill and use self tapping screws.