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best choice connection? help please

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Oct 2, 2001
Herts, SE, England
hello all, I am trying to help a friend decide what internet connection to get......

unfortunately he can't get cable or adsl due to where he lives and probably not for the forseeable future

he is debating wether to get isdn or a satellite connection..

he wants to dload but also said he would love to do some gaming aswell. He already has 24/7 56k access with aol and I know they support isdn also. I had isdn and thought it was great (till I got 600k cable) for games (pings around 80-150)

anyone know what he should get or wether it is worth the extra cost for the limited extra gains


Mar 28, 2001
The Netherlands
I think he should get ISDN if he wants to play games, Satellite has pretty much delay.

The lag time from the time you tell the system to do something and the response actually makes it to the server and back is anywhere from one to 45 seconds.

More info here.