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Best Copper HSF To Fit On A7A 266

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New Member
Jun 1, 2001
Does anybody have any ideas on the best copper HSF that will fit on an Asus A7A 266? I really need a good HSF that will fit on my board. I went and bought a Super Orb about a month ago and what a big mistake that was. It's bad enough that it is crap but it cost me $50.00 (CDN)! I had to modify the piece of crap with my trusty dremel tool and come close to breaking off a resistor mounting it! The right one could not have a much bigger area than the mounting bracket itself. Right now I'm running 62 C while folding and 57 C at idle. I would appreciate any suggestions on this matter as I really need to get my temps down considerably. I'm not overclocked at all because I'm sure I'd fry my T-Bird.


Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
WOW! those temps are high! I know the orbs are junk. But I've put super Mini orbs on a T-Bird 1.2 gig and the temps are only around 48 or 49c @ full load, and idle temps are in the mid to low 30's C. How's the airflow and case cooling. When I put my dads system together the cpu temps were in the low 50's C all the time. Then I cut a hole in the front of the case and stuck an 80mm fan on it to bring air into the case. Then stuck an 80mm fan just below the PSU in the back to exhaust the air from the case. That brought the temps down ALOT!

One thing to consider is that from what I've heard the cpu temps with the A7A register about 10c hotter then they actually are. It's some glitch in the bios.

My A7A is on the way. Should be here next week some time. Along with a T-Bird 1.2 gig. I'm running watercooling not a HSF though.