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Best cube case design

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Dec 17, 2000
Montana, USA
I am working on designing an all aluminum cube type case, kinda like the one that was posted a few weeks ago. Now, what do you guys things is best. One big box with the mobo on the side, or split in two with the mobo in the middle and the drives behind it. I kinda like the big open cube, but then the only place you can really put a window is the top, which doesnt show as much as the side.
i like the idea of the open cube too but i see your point about the window. How big are you planning- just wondering to see if that cancels any chance of a side window if you go with the first option
Just big enough vertically to fit the mobo, and cube shaped from there. Looks like about 13"-14" cubed.
well then in your situation i would go with the open case and put a nice fancy window on the top- just my opinion. I guess either way you decided to go about it will look sweet. At least you could put a pretty good size window on the top so show off as much as possible:)
Yah, il probably make almost the whole top a window, and maybe try to squeze one in the side behind the drives.
Since the cube won't be TOO big, why not put it on a desk? Then a side window would really bring out the case.
If i ever actually build this, its currently just an idea, then it will go on my desk, right where my midtower sits now. The problem is its kinda hard to get a side window in unless you split the case down the middle, which i dont really want to do.
I think that aluminum one was a onepiece chassis, and the outside was just a lift off shell...thus the acorn nuts and the recessed drive bay area.

Another way to do it is like this guy, WTX style with a wraparound window. Let the bottom and back stay put, while you lift off the front/top/sides. It would give you full access to all the inards, but still be a cool cube style case.
Probably heatsink for starters, but it should have pleanty of room for water cooling at a later date.

The on-piece thing is a good idea, maybe make the front and left side one piece, with the back and right side staying attached to the base, with the mobo on them. And a slidout mobo tray ofcouse. Im thinking the front will have a door for drives behind it, but i may mount them on the surface. As for fan intakes maybe an antec style grating cut from the aluminum, with an 80mm on the harddrives aswell.
Wouldnt it be a good idea to split the case into 2 parts just so that you can isolate the other companents from heating up the air around the MoBo? When you go water cooling you will probably find it easier too.
cube case

I made a 12" high by 10" wide cube out of plexi and let me tell you it was a tight fit I had to remove the psu from it`s case and it is mounted at the back next to the expansion slots
I have a DVD and a CD Recorder and a floppy
I put the clear fan from my enermax on the top near the front and the black fan at the back above the expansion slot it is a very tight fit I wanted the smallest cube possible and I think I could have made it 9" wide and deep but 12"s the hight of the M/B
I glued it together with plexi glue and clamps but in the end I thought that it looked too open so I put window tinting film "limo black" on it and used aluminum edgeing to trim
if I put a light inside it would shine through the tint I will post some pics soon
BTW my M/B is a KT7 Raid and is 12"x9" in size

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So far the plan is mobo tray on the right side, with 120 mm fans in the bottom front and upper rear on the right. Harddrives in the lower left front with 80mm fan blowing on them. 5 3/4 bays in the upper left front above the harddrives. Benind the drives on the bottom of the case is the powersupply, and on top of the power supply is a big space to put a resevor for water cooling. Radiator would go on the front 120mm fan. Windows in the top, front above the 120mm fan, and maybe in the left rear above the powersupply. Im pretty close to a working cad design, when i get the design finished il post a rendered image or two for you to look at.