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Best Drivers?

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Feb 18, 2001
Collierville, TN
What are the best drivers as far as performance for a GeForce 2 Ultra? I have a Leadtek card which comes with a speed runner overclocking program, so wether or not the drivers have coolbits doesn't matter to me (I think). I just want to know what I need to download and install to get the most out of my card.
well , on my mx I have done the best with the 10.80 's , no other driver I have tried beats these so far.
the 7.49 ones are the best by far but there are very hard to get hold of, try a search on google
Not to be confusing but I am currently using 7.52 drivers and am very happy with them. I get 8729 3D marks in 3DMark2000. Here is a link for all the drivers you could want.http://www.tweakersasylum.com/Detonators/Win9x/detonator7xxb.html

They have graphs showing FPS in various games and such. It also depends on what games you play. As I only play CS then a older driver optimized for DX6-7 and 16bit games is better for me. If you are playing games that actually use DX8 and 32 bit color then loook at the higher drivers. The 12.40 and higher series drivers really seem geared to the GF3 and not the GF2s