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best dual mobos

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I might get flamed but the AMD platform is doing damn good for it being so darn NEW !!!!
yeah.... especially if your cash strapped..... by far cheaper, intel offers high cost but ive seen benchmarks that show that they are definitely not for gaming.... they do supreme in apps tailed for duals, but amd ABIT WA2A when it comes out or epox? should be good ones....
I'm going for second system, in AMD i thrust, what mobo?? i like my Soyo, they don't make duals. what is good , not mutch of this>>$$.
found the least expensive to get into an SMP machine
scooter4n said:
I'm going for second system, in AMD i thrust, what mobo?? i like my Soyo, they don't make duals. what is good , not mutch of this>>$$.

I found the least expensive way for me to get into a new dual system was to take advantage of the "refurbished" section over at NewEgg. Keep an eye in there for the Tyan MP S2460. I picked one up for $129, combined with existing parts I had, I only needed an additional XP1600, and I went with 256MBs PC2100 Registered ECC RAM from Crucial (this ECC RAM may not be needed, from what I've read). I had to lay out about $350 and still had enough parts laying around to keep all of my exixting farm members crunching away.

Keep in mind that you can get good performance from the 1G and above Morgan's starting at about $40 each for the 1G. Although going this route may limit your FSB because of the defaut 100MHz FSB combined with a high multiplier and no multiplier adjustments available on this motherboard. This could limit your potential memory bandwidth.

Although limited as far as overclocking features on this board, you can get a pretty good boost from "CPUFSB" by increasing the FSB to 150MHz, this alone cut my SETI times from the high four to low five hour range per WU, to the low four to upper three hour range. This equals at least a 20% improvement.

My .02

Good Luck!
yeah there seems to be a lot of duallie mobos on ebay, i'm just wondering if most of those mobos are worth it? the pII/III dual mobos aren't really that expensive, so i'm wondering "what is it that i don't know about these?"

there's gotta be something, cuz it can't just be that cheap can it?

also, do most of these support pc133 ram? can i slot some pc133 in a mobo that only takes pc100?
The ABit WA2A is coming out in 3-4 weeks. The Epox shipped this Monday so vendors should have it by next week. I started a thread in this forum about the WA2A, which is the one I am waiting for, so I suggest you go check it out.
iwill mpx2

What do you think of Iwill in terms of stability and support compared to EpOX, Tyan and Abit? Can I expect something good or should I go with one of the others.

What I know about the board: Iwill specs are pretty much the same as that of the revised Tyan MPX (with the extra pci slot) but it allows agp pro. Rumors of PCIX were false. It probably won't be in stores before May.