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Best fan for an 80 or 92mm fan adaptor?

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Jan 18, 2001
I've got a generic 80 mm fan on my fop38 right now with an adaptor I made from sheet metal from a cookie tin. I was wondering which fan would be best for a setup like this. I was thinking about the Panaflo 92mm because it pushes out 42.7 CFM at only 27 dba. I've heard people say that it's not a good idea to use a 92 mm fan because it doesn't provide enough air pressure when pushing air though the smaller hole of the adaptor. I was also wondering if the weight and the leverage of the fan and adaptor would be a problem.

What have you tied, and how did it work out for you?
I tried a few 'big' fans on my Taisol CGK742 and FOP32. Sunon: 80mm-36 CFM-32 dBA, 80mm-42 CFM-36 dBA, 92mm-50 CFM 35 dBA. Panaflo: 57 CFM-35 dB. I used sheet metal Aluminum angle bracket and now a plastic piece of a gutter extender. I tend to like the Panaflo fans but I haven't found any with an RPM out put. I run all my fans with speed controls (either a rheostat or voltage regulator circuit) so they are quiter. I have the 92mm Sunnon on there now and it works just fine. I would guess that the best large fans would be the 80mm Delta or the new 80mm Sanyo that Swiftech uses on the MC 462 if you can find them. I like the larger fans but I am also toying with the idea of using a couple of slot cooler blowers at 42 CFm ea! Still I got my best cooling with the Sunon and a duct to the outside of my case but it was noisy and looked awful to me. I am probably going with the Millenium Galciator anyway when I can get one. Hope my rambling was of use to you!