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Best Fan for K7 Athelon

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New Member
Jun 13, 2001
My processors overheating on hot days - its not even overclocked yet! The temp. is around 60 C, 40 C above room temp. It is a K7 Athelon (is that slot A or socket A?) and it is currently clocked at 800mhz. The motherboard is gigbyte GIXE. not sure about the case. I have a heatsink/fan and it is working but it appears that it isn't good enough. any ideas for a better one?
Well first you need to tell us if it is a Slot or Socket. Slot looks like, well a black box i guess :) and a socket A looks like an actual microchip, and is square. I am betting that it is a socket A though. I reccomend a FOP 32-1 Heatsink and fan dor that CPU. You can pick one up at www.coolerchips.com

Hope that helps!
I think it is slot A as it is a long black thing not a microchip. It is not a thunderbird or duron - its one of the older ones. Any ideas for the best cooling heatsink/fan? thanks in advance