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Best fans for all uses

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Goin' AMD

New Member
Jul 4, 2001
Just looking for the best all around fans. Must be quiet & have alot of air flow.
Leaning towards pana-flow bout have never used one. Why do fans have so many blades? Fewer blades push more air!
All Panaflos are sweet the Sanyos are very nice too with brass threads and performance is great too but the Panaflos are quiet and push tons of air.
panaflows are great and can be quiet(the quiet models are) but that Sanyo Denki is too. It is also a thicker fan meaning it will give better airflow at a more constant rate. But Panaflows are great too.
If you are only going to have 1 fan in inventory, I keep a good mixed stock :) but if I were limited to just 1 it would be the 80mm 47cfm Panflow. Reason? mounts in all cases without mods or in increased # with some hole cutting you can get very high airflow through the case. Also 80mm fans can be adapted easily to many HSF's that are out there.

I recomend you do what I do and keep about 6 of each of the following fans in stock for those late night progects when everyplace is closed.

120mm Panflow (about 65cfm don't remember exactly)
92mm Sanyo Denki 55cfm
80mm Panflow 47cfm

Don't forget the stock of grills and filters, it pays to be prepared! People just don't seem to understand this concept :)