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Best FREE CD burner software

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Yah, but im sick of downloading it every month on my 56k modem. I guess its not too bad though.
Matthew1001 said:
I got roxio and it is the only one I have had but I got it when I bought a computer. It is easy to use and very few bugs. I haven't had any yet.

Thats not free software though. Im looking for a shareware or freeware burning program.
I don't think you'll have much luck WyrmMaster... I was searching for the exact same thing a few months ago (got a new burner and had no software...) so searched everywhere I could think of. The only burners worth mention were all demos which as you know is not a fun option for 56K.

My only suggestion would be to try to find a CHEAP burning program, because I could find virtualy NO free progs. I ended up using the (old) version of EZ-CD Creator bundled with my pooter, but that dosen't support 80 minute disks!! I hate wasting a perfectly good 6 minutes of disk space...

free burning

Try searching for blindwrite in the forums. I remember a thread like this one, and it had a link to a couple of programs. Blindwrite was one, and I think cloneCD was another... although all that one could do was copy one cd to another.

Good luck finding the thread I'm thinking about...

Well, the forums have been so sssssssssssssllllllllllloooooooowwwwwwww tonight, and while there aren't normally a lot of people on at 4:00AM (CST), there are even fewer because of whatever problem is causing the slowage. So, I dug up the link for you...


Maybe one of the programs disscused in that thread will work for you.

Jigpu: I also am stuck with old Adaptec software... v2.5 and no 80 minute cd support. I haven't tried blindwrite yet, but I guess I should. They haven't figured out all the hardware that's compatible with it yet, so I was discouraged because my burner hasn't yet been tested. Guess I'll try it whenever I can find the time and hope it works on my slow 4x4x6 external burner.
No luck with blindwrite, looks like it can only copy CD's, and i cant even get that to work. Furio is only for making audio CD's. I think i just stick with Nero demos :(
i dunno..

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Windows XP has its own CD burning capabilities...

Failing that you could always give linux a shot. cdrecord, cdwrite, XCDRoast, KOnCD, GnomeCombust.... you name it - its all FREE!.
ptwearnhardtfan said:
The nero demo is a very good prog. Almost does everything as the full version.

Yah, but its only a 30 day trial, and downloading it every month is no fun an a 56k modem.
How the heck do you enable XP's writer capabilities?

I want direct drive access, I don't care about any other type.

The worst part is you need Roxio 5 and I have Adaptec 3 and 4 (two drives sitting in my case gathering dust - damned if I'll pay $50 to upgrade what should be free)
WyrmMaster said:
Actually, i heard that windows media player can burn CD's, might give that a try:rolleyes:

Its always worked fine for me :)

WyrmMaster - did you not get software with your burner?