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Best Hard Drive that operates out of spec?

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Jul 28, 2002
Alberta, Canada
id like a hard drive that doesnt mine low pci speeds such as 31mhz or as high as say 41mhz..

which one would you reccommend....

and if you have any experience with such drives, let me know too..thx :)
I would highly reccomend the seagate barracuda ata iv line of harddrives, as would a fair chunk of people on these forums. They aren't speed demons but they can handle high pci speeds. I have 2 seagate drives now and they can easily take 40mhz and I havn't experienced any hd corruption as of yet. I know a few users on here have taken them above 45mhz without probs. I've also had great results with quantum fireball drives, however quantum has been bought out by maxtor. I've also heard maxtors can handle high pci bus frequency's.
Seagate rocks. Mine runs at 40 flawlessly (can't go above 160fsb because of crappy cpu stepping)