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Best heatsink and fan combo for celeron 733?

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Jan 25, 2001
St. Louis(USA)
I'm going to be running a Asus CUSL2-C with a celeron 733. I currently have a celeron 333 running at 500 or 533 depending on how lucky I feel. I'm fairly impressed with the combo I run now I never go above 33 in chip temps. But I'm pretty sure the old heatsink and fan will not work correctly with the the new chip. So I want to know what the best set would be for me. I have a mid size tower with one case fan.
I have a PAL6035, and It's the $#_T as far as I'm concerned. I get temps similar to those of similar systems with a FOP38, and I'm only using a YStech 27CFM fan, not a loud arsed Delta 38CFM. And when I had the Delta on the temps were sooo low, but I took the delta off, as the noise bothered me.
I have a Celeron 600@900, using a PEP66 with a Sunon 23cfm fan. This combo is (for me) perfect. With seti always running, it never breaks about 32C. Using CpuBurn I can torture it for an hour and reach a maximum 35C. This Sunon fan is quiet.

Incidentally I had the same fan on my Duron with a PAL6035 and it couldn't do the job. But with the lower operating temp of the Celeron and the slightly better efficiency of the PEP, it is perfect for the Celeron.