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Best mobo for me?

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Jan 1, 2003
Sturbridge, MA
Im thinking of ditching my biostar mobo and getting something a little more OC'able. I was hoping to spend no more than $50 on it. I've been checking newegg refurbs for a nice nforce2, but it's not happening. Now Im thinking of getting a KT400 instead. Will I lose much performance by doing this?


Dec 24, 2001
the kt400 is on par with the kt333 in your sig.i like the kt333 better tho.

newegg has many kt333 mobos cheap that are great ocers.
ill put it this way also.if there was no nf2 mobos id be useing a kt333 myself.and it took me a long time to even upgrade to nf2 from kt333 as i like them so well.

some to look for that are great ocers and cheap.
abit at7,kx7
asus a7v333, a7v8x
epox 8k3a+
some mentioned above are kt400 also and just as good and a few i prolly missed. i saw several now at newegg of the ones i mentioned.


May 23, 2002
Find a 8k3a used from someone or refurbed on newegg, can't beet the price for it's performance as a KT333 chipest, the next best thing would be a new revision of the nforce2 chipset...that'll cost ya 100+ though AFAIK. Good luck :)