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Best Motherboard

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Oct 27, 2002
My friend is getting a new 1.8 Northy shortly, but we haven't been able to keep up with the motherboard market lately. Could anyone please point out to us what the currently best motherboards are? He has overclock in mind, and the chipset would be either intel or Sis... I was thinking about and Abit, but I don't know what the latest models are. Also, include how well they overclock.
Thanks guys!:D
What kind of memory? what components does he want to use? What is the purpose of the computer?

I have some favorites, but I need to know some more info.

sorry if I was a bit vague about it....
Memory will have to be DDR - probably 333, but it doesn't really matter, as any DDR will work with any board, no matter what the board's rated, in my experience...
So, DDR, soon he'll have a Radeon 9700 PRO( I've heard that there are some compatibility issues with some boards...) so that means AGP 8x... as for the use, i guess he'll use it to game and other stuff, but I don't think it'll affect your choice....
Also, no integrated audio or video is required, nor lan...
It can't be one of the new mobo's without serial and parallel ports as he has a serial printer...
And it has to overclock well... maybe an intel with a multiplier lock, but Sis will do... or anything, as long as it's good...
So, what are your favorites?
I'd recommend an Abit BD7II. It doesn't have AGP 8X, but that's a loss he won't notice until this time next year at the soonest. Its one of the best overclocking boards you can buy for a P4, very stable, great feature set and the price is right, too.

well now that's a useful answer... :)
Why are you saying that?
He just burned (or something, but it doesn't work anymore) a P4B533, and wanted to change mobo... By the way, what's the difference between the P4B533 and the P4B533-E?