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Best New Board for OC

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New Member
Mar 15, 2001
Well, I just fried my KT7-Raid after about two years of stretching for every extra MHz I could get out of it. That whole voltage mod works great till something crosses and the board makes its way to computer heaven where it won't be abused like it was in its first life.

So the delima is what replaces it. The new KT333 chipset doesn't look to bad, but limited in manufacturers. I am a big ABIT fan, so the KR7A-Raid looks nice, and the marketing guy there says "we are working on a KT333 chipset, but don't have any information on it yet." Asus' A7V333 seems to be a really sweet looking board, but every board that I can find that has the RAID controller also has built in sound and is $30~40 more than the KR7A-Raid. Other than Asus, MSI is supposed to have a good KT333 board, but I swore them off after 3 boards with bad IDE controllers and two with other problems (I custom build on the side.) Soltek also makes a KT333, but don't have a RAID controller.

Is KT333 worth the extra money? As I see it there isn't much performance increase with it, but it gives overclockers like myself extra "stretching room". ??????

Also the Asus board can read the thermocouple that is built in the AthlonXP chips....major plus...


Xtreme refugee
Feb 15, 2002
Cincinnati, Oh.
Just my 2c worth, I've been looking into mobo's too, and in my best opinion, I like the Asus board the best. It's always been a good over clocker and you could always put a different sound card in. But that board does have a damn good sound chip already on it. Only way I'd bother to put one in is if I wanted to hook up my stereo, tv, etc... Thats just my opinion, definitely weigh all your options, nothing like getting something you're not completely satisfied with, then ending up in the classifieds.:D


Dec 14, 2001
But hopefully it wont be like the a7v266 in which memory scores go down when overclocked. Look for reviews on tomshardware and see if they have anything about it.


World's Biggest E-Thug
Feb 9, 2002
i like the new soltek sporting the kt333 chipset. with the
overclocking utilities it should be great! :p