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Best Off The Shelf Watercooling Case?

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Jan 4, 2002
I started to realize that the reason I am using my old P 933MHZ computer instead of my XP1900 machine is the noise level. It is silly that I use the old computer daily & use the new computer once per week.

I think its cause of the noise level with my system. I want to give water cooling a shot.

The only company that i know of that has off the shelf water cooling is vapochill. They are kinda pricey though.

I was wondering what my other options are.

My temps for a A7V-266E are at about 50C at Idle with many fans & an unreliable temp reading.

My desk at home can only have 1 PC inside it & my old system is sitting there. I am afraid it will get to hot with the XP system. Right now the XP system sits on top of my desk.

Any ideas as I think using the faster system would be a smart way to go.

I saw some threads mentioning Koolance. I am kinda looking for that type of solution, a pre built water cooling case. While i do care about OC'ing, I am more concerned (at this point) with getting the system quieted down a bit.

Here is an article from the front page about one that looks to be very nice...all pre built including the relay system to turn the pump on with the computer. The case looks to be very moddable too, so you can make it look like your own easily.

Follow the link to the manufacturer, select 'product information' and 'liquid cooled barebones' from the left menu. It won't let me give you a direct link in.

Have fun!
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Have a look at this unit. It's about $200 less than the vapochill. It looks easy too. Just put your case on top and pop the cooler unit on your CPU. Appears to be a well made unit with lots of cooling.

The Fridge
fyi as far as I know, Vapochill isn't even water cooling, it uses some chemical or something..

it's 3 am tho so I could be a tad wrong..

only "off the shelf" I know of is Koolance, and a couple of others websites that put a kit in a case and sell it for the same price or more..
The main thing I am thinking about the Koolance that could be a problem is noise level.

I currently have a Volcano7 that is moded to run at high speed all the time.

According to thermaltake the DB level at high speed is 47.

The Koolance at full speed has a DB level of 50.

That is still kinda loud. I was hoping that watercooling would be a quieter experience :(
If you want a off the shelf case, check out the Swiftech Quiet Power. I have one for my Xeon rig. It's an awesome cooling solution and super quiet. Much higher quality than the Koolance.