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Best Overclocker?2600@333 Or 2700@333?

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Sep 19, 2002
the bluegrass state
got my abit at7 max2 yesterday! it's in the case and ready to roll, waiting for input on the new 333's wich is the bad a$$.or should i say badest a$$ cause i know they both rock! and what stepping should i look for? i saw the 2700 post, pretty impresive. anyone post on the 2600 yet or has anyone got there hands on one yet?
i havnt read anything about the 2600+ but i have seen a few posts on various boards w/ 2700+.... they seem to do 2450mhz w/ modest Air cooling, 2600mhz w/ H20, 2750mhz w/ Pelt, and 3.3ghz w/ LN2 :)

I got mine at 2.4 ghz with a volcano 9.
easy easy to reach that. barely takes 1.85 vcore to get that.

ops, I have Xp 2700.
forgot your talking about the 2600 and 2700.
2700 aiugb first try set to 2400 at 1.85v on slk-800. Will burn in a bit and then start pushing it up and see where it will loose stability.
thanks for the info guys i hear the aiugp stepping on the 2700 is pretty nice mabe the price will go down acouple of dollars by the first of the month can't really aford 350 till then.

i know they are the same core but i see it as if the 2600 is rated at 2600 its for a reason the 2700 is most likely to hit the 2.4 or better before the 2600 but then again i hear of the 2400' reaching the 2.4 mark also? go figure ? i guess its like a pot luck dinner you get what's there and hope it's good!
I'm stuck were I am currently at (see below).I'm waiting on my (ordering friday)prometeia to see how much higher I can get.
i guess i.m going with the 2800+ i might be wrong but the way i see it if i can get 2.2 ghz on stock votage of 1.65 with the 2800 then it should be easier to get the higher mhz like 2.6 or maybe even 2.8. for instance the 2400 is getting to 2.4 on air with vcores of 1.85 and the 2800 is already running @2.2 on 1.65 then it should be able to hit 2.6 or 2.8 or better on air with voltages like 1.85 or 1.9! what do you guys think?
I've been trying to decide what XP CPU to get , and being that the only difference between the 2600/333(2083MHz), and the 2700(2167MHz) is the MHz and that's about $58.00 on average to get an extra 84MHz. The XP 2800 is just to pricey right now.

I would think that with fairly decent overclocking and water cooling you could get both to about the same speed.

I figure get the 2600/333 along with an ASUS A7N8X, with another stick of Corsair XMS PC3200C2 and I should have a pretty good setup.