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Best Overclocker with nforce2 IGP

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Oct 18, 2003
What board do you guys think is the best nforce2 IGP board for overclocking? I had 189FSB stable on my shuttle MN31N, but I couldn't change voltages or multipliers. High fsb is nice. I could boot into windows at 195fsb on the shuttle, but games would crash about once every hour at 192. I would like something that I can set multipliers and voltages on more than a high fsb, because we all know that top-end cpu power is better than more bandwidth in most cases. I'm going to reuse my ram, so I don't want it to go to waste too bad. Just tell me what you guys think.

*edit* Oh yeah, one more thing- I really don't care about special features on the motherboard at all. On my shuttle, which had them all except SATA, raid, and dual bioses, I never used any of them. I have boards with MCP and I couldn't tell the difference between that and the mcp-t sound from my motherboard.

*edit* One more thing- I'm really liking the gigabyte dual bios after my bios debacle on my MN31N. Just a thought.
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Sep 28, 2003
I would say the Abit NF7-M would be pretty good, but I haven't heard how good it overclocks..