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best place to buy mobo

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New Member
Apr 3, 2001
hi, I need good sources to buy mobo ( good selection, price,...).

and what will be best cpu (1000-...) for my upgrade? (overclockable)


I bought my 800 t-bird and KT7A-RAID from www.mwave.com The have good prices and their customer service was top notch.. I had problems with my credit card and they helped me over a few days that it took to fix the problem. They even shipped mystuff next day overnight becaus of the problems Iwas having.. The problems were on my end. I got e-mails after they recived my order, then again when they processed it and then when they shipped it. I will deffinatly shop there again. I heard www.azzo.com is very good also. You will see more posts in the Vendor Discussion area.

Another good site is www.comp-U-Plus.com nice selection and reasonable prices and they don't kill you on Shipping like some places..
www.compuplus.com is a great site, but the prices are higher for CPUs than they should be. I got a mobo at www.microbarn.com , they have a smaller selection, but they are great mobos at great prices. CPUs seems to be cheap at www.upgradeplanet.cpm. Also, anandtech does a weekly cpu, memory, video, and motherboard price guid in which they have the cheapest sites that they have not had bad reports from their users.
I like Multiwave Direct and Newegg the best. i've dealt with Multiwave several times over the years and recently had two good experiences with Newegg. Try Newegg first because they have a lot of free shipping deals. Here's the links:

First places I check are always the local computer stores. I like to get my stuff right away, and if the price is within a dollar or two of what it would cost buying it online (product cost+shipping) I'll buy it there. I also have a tendency to wait and buy stuff at those Super Computer Sales if there's one coming up. Otherwise, if I have a lot to gain by buying online I will just use Pricewatch in tandem with resellerratings.com. I don't buy from vendors with a less than 3.25 out of 7 rating. Some sellers I have dealt with successfully are: Neutron, Beyond Computer, and USSA.com.

Unsuccessfully (as in I wouldn't do business with them again): Memory To Go, shophereusa.com

Hope this helps.

Newegg.com gets my vote, I bought my IWill KK266 for 124.00 with free shipping. ordered on Sat. eve. and go it on Weds. Flawless transaction.
I would check with the local mom and pop computer stores in your area. The cost will be alittle more but if you have problems they will ussually help out. But don't pay way too much.

If you but online I have had good experiances at newegg.com