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Best Possible Chip for an A-BIT BM6?

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New Member
Mar 10, 2002
Greetings All. Brand new to Overclockers Forums.
Been runnin a celery 366 oc'd to 550 STABLE for 2+ years now... Hee! Online reviews are leftovers from 99 when even the 366 hadn't come out.
Q: What might be the highest performing Socket 370 processor for the A-Bit BM6, assuming I can get it to run at it's max 133 FSB?
Anyone know?

Thanks much!
I don't think that board will run a Coppermine, but check Abit's website.

I'd say that the fastest chip at default would be the 533 Celeron (the 533a is the First Coppermine core Celeron).

Bear in mind, you're not going to get too far past 533 with any of these, which is why intel went to the Coppermine core over the Mendencino cored PPGA chips....they just ran out of headroom with them. Unless you get a really good one, expect 600MHz as a max.

Might be time to look at an upgrade....either to a newer intel board that will run a Coppermine (or higher, ie Tualitin), or make the plunge into the "dark side", and build an AMD based rig.

Even an older AMD based Via KT133A based board (Socket A) will run T-Birds twice as fast as you are now, and they're fairly inexpensive. The newer KT266/KT266a boards aren't that much more money than that.

pricewatch.com shows 1.4GHz T-Birds for well under $100 nowadays....DDR ram is going up in price though...:(

Let's move this thread into the "intel CPU's" topic, and see what others have to say...

Welcome to the Forums! :)
The BM6 is an odd one. I thought it could use a CuMine, but only up to a CB0 stepping? I forget where I was read that, but I think that is the case.
I have a BM6 it's just great.I used an adapter(ppga to FCPGA) the pinout is different.Get latest bios.Then get whatever you want.I have a 566 and just put it to 100 bingo 853 w/golden orb. temps 32 idle and 39 stressed. Have fun.
The Highest CPU that your BM6 can support is the Highest cB0 Celeron. Which are the 700mhz, 633mhz, 600mhz, and 566mhz

I repeat.....DO NOT STICK A COPPERMINE (cStepC0) Celeron in it.

I have the Abit ZM6, the cheaper version of your BM6
On Abit's Website, it stakes that with an BIO flash it can support Celeron 566 and 600mhz.

However, those IDIOT@ABIT apparently forgot to mention that it can only support the cStepB0 Celerons, not the newer cStep C0 Celerons.

I have the unfortunate luck of buying a Celeron 566 cStepC0, and the motherboard won't post. After some agony Emailing the ABIT Support, it was reveal that both the ZM6 and BM6 are only capable of support the cStep B0 celerons.

Intel makes Several cStepB0 celerons, however, they are not as great of an overclock canadite as cStepc0.

I'm running a StepB0 Celeron 700mhz running at 1050mhz!
However, it is not completely stable in 3D Games.

I also have good experience with some Celeron 666mhz, and 633mhz. Lot of people have great success with Celeron 600mhz

Good luck
I'm running a 1.1GHz (non-tualatin) celeron @ 100MHz FSB on my Abit BM6 (rev 1.03). I haven't tried overclocking it yet.


I did a fairly simple socket modification but you can purchase a Powerleap Neo-S370 adapter for $25 that will allow you to do it without breaking out your soldering iron.


For Tualatin lovin', you have to perform a much more complicated socket & CPU modification (if it's even possible with this board) or purchase one of the Powerleap PL-370T adapters.

My bm6 will work my burner .I just got my P4 1.6A and it works great better than my 300 .I'll see how long this board will last(BD7-Raid).Not that I gave up on the celly.I want to try a real gas pedal.
If you can find a CB0 stepping of the celeron 566, then an easy overclock to 850 is doable probably with your existing HSF.

Otherwise, go with the socket mod and get a tualatin for a real performance improvement.