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Best program for heating Athlons & Durons

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Feb 13, 2001
Twin Cities
It is said that even a blind pig can find an occasional acorn.
I spent some time last night testing the difference between having my HS fan sucking and blowing and at different speeds. It was time consuming, especially waiting for temps to stabilize.
When I first started experimenting with OC'ing, I stumbled upon Prime95 and chose that for this task. I did not do it out of knowledge of what was available, or because I had some compelling need to participate in some global, parallel processing, group endeavor. I just wanted to generate heat. Also, it was easy to download and run in Win ME.
It worked satisfactorily and I continued using it up until last night. After I was done recording data from my experiment, I remembered the link on the main Overclockers.com page to Utilities/User Utilities and some of the programs I saw there once, not to mention the main plug for SETI we see every time we come here.
Out of curiousity, I set up SETI and ran it to compare to Prime95 torture. I then downloaded every program for burning-in, warming up, stressing, call it what you wish.
Surprisingly, a less promoted program within the suite of programs under CPUburn2 stole the show, generating more core heat than all the others. It is called burnk6.exe. I tried the other programs within the suite, but this one really made my 10x100 Duron core temp go up 70% more from idle, than any of the other programs.
I don't know why it is not the default program mentioned among the post I see, but I felt it my duty to tell you all about it.
Don't believe me? Download it. It's not big. Run your favorite program. Stop it and run burnk6 and you will see. Given the name, I assume it is best applied to AMD CPUs. This is what Swiftech uses.

Three reasons I haven't done that yet.
1) I could not get into this forum last night at 0130 AM.
2) Not sure whether I want to submit this as an article or not.
3) My wife bought my daughter the Melt-A-Matic plastic molding toy and it came without a power supply. So here I am, Sunday morning, cobbling up a 6V 2.5A power supply.