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Best setup for Intel 8400 and p35 Ds3

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New Member
Apr 24, 2008
Hey guys,

Just a bit of background on what my rig is running:

Case: Cooler master Ammo with 1xrear fan and 1x front fan
PSU: Cooler Master™ Real Power M 520W
Processor: Intel 8400 3.0ghz
MB: Gigabyte P35 Ds3
RAM: OCZ Platinum 2x1gb 800mhz - Timings are 4-4-4-15 @ 2.1v
Graphics: Sparkle 8800GT Silent

Ok, i just upgraded from a 6750 intel chip which gave me a vista processor rating of 5.5. i installed my new chip and got only a 5.6. I don't think my mobo has the new chip set up right, it has set defaults at 8x333. So i changed it to 9x333. I still dont think im getting maximum performance for what i have, i was expecting a vista processor rating of at least 5.8 :S

Do you have any recomendations of what i should have my settings on? Does my fsb need to be lifted and the processor timings?

Thanks guys,



Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Welcome to O/C Forums! :welcome:

Don't worry aboyt the vista processor rating thing. To me it's a waste. It's just something Bill Gates Inc devised to keep you spending more money on parts you don't need.

With my parts in sig I'm lucky if ai break 5.6 :rolleyes:

If you really wanna know the full performance level of your particular pc, then run some benchmarks. Look around here . Also real world applications are what determine the performance of your pc. Benchmarks just give you a ballpark figure on what to expect.

When you start gaming and do other cpu intensive programs, that's where you'll see the performance.


New Member
Apr 24, 2008
yea, im a bit of a gamer and i convert alot of things such as audio and stuff which takes time so yea..

I've just been told it'll run sweet if i put the cpu on 9x400, but im still not sure about oc-ing my fsb and ram.


New Member
Apr 15, 2008
You are best of reading the oc guide in the intel forum before attempting to dump it straight to 9*400 never wise to do any overclocking without knowing what you are doing.

Also i barely got 5.8 vista cpu score with a E8500 running at 3.93 Ghz, you can get it but a hard overclock is needed.


May 29, 2004
South Carolina
The vista performance indicators do actually mean something although it is hard to translate it into real life performance. I've even seen them included in a few reviews. A 5.6 is pretty good.