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Best setup to get 0-10c under full load?

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Old School Senior
Dec 21, 2000
Hey Guys,

Yeah, Trek's around again, big deal.. anyways..

Wondering what the best cooling set up would be to get said temps (0-10c or below under full load)

I have a p3700E cCO fc-pga chip (lucky me!) running alone on an abit vp6 mobo till I can afford a second one and win2k

I've been thinking of water cooling for a long time now, have a full tower case and easly could fit in a raditor in the back above the psu, a pump/tank under the drive cage, ect..

But wondering if I should make my own set up or get a kit? really the only thing I see that pays to buy a quality part is the water block.. but whats the best copper water block?

Water cooling will only achieve your room temp, at best. Assuming your room is not in the 0-10C range, then you need a water cooled peltier system. I don't have any specific system model numbers for you.

go to google, under search type in chip eckert chiller- that will get you to o and under, I am currently at -10 degrees using the (3) 115watt peltier chiller. at best over "normal" peltier cooling we are only talking about 100-150 mhz over the average watercooled setup, but hey, who wants average results?? ;-)