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best tv tuner software?

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Mar 27, 2008
I dont know if this is HTPC or not, but I was wondering what you guys recommend for watching tv on your pc. I have the TV Wonder 650USB combo tuner. Catalyst, which it comes with, sucks. I have been using WMC in Win Vista and Win7, which isnt too bad. I am curious to see if there are better.



Nov 28, 2001
WMC is probably the best solution for those not wanting to tinker with settings and such, since its free and integrated with the OS, so long as the hardware your using works with it (which apparently your hardware does).

There are other free solutions that offer many more options, either options that are included, or can be added in via plug-ins, but of course take some time setting up and working the way you want it to work.

SageTV and BeyondTV are both the current most popular (as Shiggity pointed out) paid TV tuner software out. I've used both and can say that for a solo system, BeyondTV works very well, and although it is a very potent piece of software with lots of options if you're willing to tinker with it, it does seem abit dated and doesnt see updates (especially those that the use base wants/needs) very often. They are notorious for being months behind even free software on support of new technology (EVR support, VMR support, ClearQAM support took a looong time to implement, etc). I'd say stick with WMC instead of BeyondTV. The extra features are good, but imo not worth it for the price. You'r better off with a free solution instead that has even more features and better support.

SageTV is more up to date and appears to update more often with support for more of the features that the user base needs (they already support VMR for video acceleration and will be supporting EVR as well). The software isn't as user friendly as BTV, and the menus aren't as intuitive either, but its still easy to setup and use. I also find that its options for being able to stream video from multiple tuners to various systems in the home are much more better then anything BeyondTV has. I've already dumped my BTV server and moved over to a SageTV setup because of that.
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