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Best Vid Card Cooler

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Apr 17, 2001
I have an Elsa Gladiac GeForce2 GTS card. Right now I have a blue orb on it with arctic silver. I noticed that as I o/c the card, behind the gpu still gets pretty hot. My question is this: Are there any other video card coolers that are better than the blue orb that clip on to attach? (the cooler must use the push pins to attach).
homemade ones like ive told you in earlier post, they will not use the push pins though unless you drill holes which is not that hard, out of curiousity why do you want to use the push pins? as they are now holing you back from better cooling using thermal compound and super glue or even AS glue in the corners makes removal a snap.
use a PIII hsf.
and u don`t need to use a any gluing method.
all u need to do is to drill out two hole on the bottom of the hsf to match the holes on the card and then thread them with self tapping screws.(the holes u just made on the hsf,not the card heh heh heh)
then before u put them together get two small strong springs for the screw ,screw the hsf on to the card with the springs from the back.
use plastic screws to attach the hsf,use the matel screws to thread the hsf.
ahh remmember to use some thermal paste .