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best vid card for abit bx6-v2

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New Member
Jun 17, 2001
I currently have a voodoo 3 but am looking to upgrade my vid card. Anybody have any advice on which card to use with the mobo I got.

Ok...this is where the trouble starts...I have boughten a visiontek geforce 2 gts....when i post....nothing...screen is blank....i have installed, reinstalled, and still nothing....went to visionteks website and it seems that it could be a voltage problem or god forbid a faulty card...I purchased it through ebay and doubt that I can return it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone used this card on the same mobo I have.

Thanks placid will do.....on a side note....I have tried taping the pin in the last row of pins on an AGP slot with no luck....Seems to me I am sh*t out of luck.
Thanks for the response

I have been able to find on other message boards people using geforce 2 cards in the bx2 without problems but was unable to find any reports of geforce cards having problems in this motherboard.
Have you made sure the bios is set to use agp?
Have you tried resetting the bios with the jumper?
Do you have any cards installed in the pci slot next to the agp?
cool azz, i'll give it a try when I get my vid card back...I took it to a computer store to get it tested out to make sure it is not faulty..I'll let u know how I make out.

thanks for the help guys

Update..........my vid card is fried.........the stupid f*ck sold me
a dud on ebay....tryin to claim insurance now......I would love to get a hold of that mother f*cker...

live n learn