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Best Video Card for under $150

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May 9, 2001
A hot spot in Ca
OK so right now I have a VooDoo 3 3K and now I want to upgrade so I can play some of the newer games without the slowdown. I was thinking about a Creative Labs Anihilator. What do ya think?


I have

athlon slot A 700@800
30 gig WD hard drive @ 7200 RPM
i just upgraded froma a savage4 to a gforce2 mx 32 for under 100 bucks and its serriously like ten times better i can imagine what a gf2ultra 64 would be like. a hell of a leap from a crappy old voodoo
The Radeon LE is the best video card available because it costs only $70 and offers performance equal to a Geforce 2 GTS while costing less than a Geforce 2 MX. Radeons also look a lot better than any Geforce based cards. But after a Voodoo 3 any card will look good, including an overrated and overpriced Geforce 2 MX.
Gainward is coming out with a Geforce 2 MX that is based on 3.5ns SDRAM, and it outperforms the Geforce2 GTS in most areas.
If your budget is $150 then I suggest the GeForce 2 Pro (64 meg), although you might have to do some serious shopping to stay within budget. Maybe add another $10-$20 onto the budget at most. It'll be worth it, better and faster than the regular GTS. Wait another week or two and it will be right at $150 I bet. These pro cards now use the same GPU core as the Ultras from what I've read.
ok I found a Geforce2 pro. I'll be kicking down $140+ So this card better kick some @$$!!

Clock on

the wicked one,

Whoa, if you can get a Radeon 64 meg with VIVO for 150 DO IT!
Kudos to newegg.com - they now have the MSI GF2 PRO for $142.00.

I got mine about a week ago - and it is humming along clocked at 235/490 (core/mem)! Hey - that's nearly ULTRA performance for the price of a Radeon...

I can honestly say, I'm DANG happy with my MSI GF2 Pro!
My tweaked and overclocked Radeon LE will preform about equal to a GTS/Pro at half the price. Keep in mind my card has only 32MB of DDR. The VIVO has 64MB. That will really kick the GTS/Pro's butt. Still $70 for a Radeon LE, and $140 for a GTS Pro. $149 for a VIVO Radeon 64MB DDR on pricewatch today. I say go with the Radeon LE and spend the extra cash on memory or something else.
Yea the Radeons will work like that AFTER you screw with the registry and a bunch of other lame set-ups for each and every game to optimize the damn thing. If ya wanna save some cash and like to Tweak till ya hurt then go for the ATI. If ya wanna plug in add a 1 registry tweak to OC and run with it get the Nvidia. I had a ATI Radeon 64DDR and I personally don't see the visual difference. Besides you are trying to "sell" something based on an objective opinion.
I agree, went from a vd5 agp to a geforce2 32mg ddr and wasen;t impressed with it. So I returned and purchased the radeon 64 ddr and have not been dissappointed.
get radeon 64ddr vivo. 152 on cnetpc.com. im currently building 2 systems with it.