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Best Water Cooling Setup

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Mar 15, 2001
I need to know what the best water cooling setup is, don't know much about water cooling so price and where I can get it is appreciated.
Proc is a 1.2GHZ T-Bird
some of the best quality stuff is at dangerden. They sell good radiators but there water jackets are the best out there. They also have the pelts you are asking about(may not be big enough). I would definately recommend them as I have used the Maze2 waterblock and am extremely happy with the prefessional quality of it, it is also reasonably priced. Other people recomend them too. You will need a pump too, the favs seem to be Danner, Eheim, and Magdrive. You can get them at most pet stores. There are many debates on which is better, but the inlines seem to be just a bit better for extreme cooling, Get in the 150-500gph range. Hope that helps. DangerDen's website is www.dangerden.com
and after you do some massive water cooling, help out a good cause and fold some proteins for science. Look at my sig and NUTNDUN's.
If you want some real satifaction build your own watercooling setup. It isn't that hard and not that expencive. There is some very good articals on this site on how to do it. If I can do it so can anyone.
One more vote for DangerDen. I just ordered a 172 watt pelt from them. The Maze2 and Cooling Cube can handle the heat.
danger den all the way then? radiator and waterblock? what exactly do i need (waterblock-wise) for a flipchip p3 and asus slot 1 converter?

what if i want to go water cooled peltier with the same setup? dangerden again? how is the ice-71? which kit if you can be specific. =)
IMHO the dangerden and swiftech water cooling set ups are the top 2 out there and you can't go wrong either way. Right now I am using the swiftech in my athalon [email protected] gig. If you are curious about the unit you can check it out on my site.