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Best Water Cooling

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New Member
Mar 24, 2002
Is there such best waterblock and radiator? Anyone has sites I can refer to?

I read bigger radiators are better? Is it true? So Black Ice Extreme is not as good as older bigger radiator?

Also, how to build both cpu, chipset, harddrive and videocard using waterblock? I'm thinking to build it serially, but I read it's better to use one pump and radiator for each, but it;ll be a total waste of money. If using one for each waterblock does better, does it really worth the money spent for more pumps and radiators?


Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
Well there is no "best" only good and not so good. Some GOOD Blocks would be: Gemini Spiral (http://www.geminicool.com/spec_CPUcooler.html), Danger Den Maze 2 (http://dangerden.com/mall/maze2.asp) (Maze 3 looks awesome!) The new Swiftech MCW462-U (http://www.swiftnets.com/MCW462-U.htm) and there are others too but these seem to be the standouts at the moment.

Bigger radiator does not necessarily mean "better", in fact sometimes worse. First you have to determine the amount of cooling you need, then you need to find out how restrictive the radiator is. If you have too big of a radiator it could really limit the flow of the system. An example of a very restricive radiator is the "Super Cube". People generally agree that a good heater core is the best way to go, the BI extreme seems to be really good as well. You do not need a separate pump and rad for every component you want to cool, that is rediculous. However, the more components you want to cool, the hotter the whole system will run. why not look into the Koolance rig, they make coolers for everything you mentioned.