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Best way to clean old goop off the processor?

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Door Knob

Feb 9, 2001
I decided not to get a peltier (I have a fear of water). So I got some artic silver comming in the mail and a new heatsink soon as well. I will just use good old air cooling for now. So what should I do to clean the old stuff off my chip? It's a socket p3. The heatskink will probably be an Alpha or Flop38 and I don't plan to use the new goop till that comes in. The old goop was just your regular generic white junk and I know if you have used another goop and then go to artic silver that it wont be as good unless you wicked get the old stuff. Just wondering what you guys use?
I use brake clean. It evaparates with no film. Just a small amount on a paper towel. It's safe on rubber, if ya ever need to reuse one. ;)
Sorry but using a solvent and a Q-Tip is like trying to clean a waffle iron with a 2” diameter rope. Some of the old goop will remain.
i found out the hard way that cleaning solvents also remove conductive ink after about 5or6 cleanings with denatured alcohol that my multiplier stoped working had to redo them
I just use turpentine and an old tube sock. It cleans off the thermal tape pad junk that comes on stock units real easy, then I use some real thermal grease to reinstall the HS after wiping the proc dry and letting it air dry for all of about two minutes.