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Best way to cut Metal mesh out of Case.

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Feb 9, 2016
I have a Corsair 600T Case that I want to install 2 120mm fans up on the top part of the case and I want to cut out the metal mesh for better air flow.

I don't really want to use a dremel tool if I can help it as the cut off wheels burn up pretty quick,what do you guys recommend.

I'm also going to cut the front mess out to so I can use 2 120mm or 2 140mm fans so I can set the fans in the center of the cut out so I can fit 25mm thick fans in that space.
If it's made like any other case with a mesh front I've seen then there should be some folded tabs holding the mesh in to the front panel.
Fold those tabs back and the mesh should pop out.

I can't find any pictures showing the back side of this mesh clearly.
Can you take a picture and post it here?

I use these to cut the small spaces in between the mesh. You gotta figure out something to cover the rough edge after that. Ive heard a plastic portfolio cover/binder covers like these work well , but I havent tried them myself.

Barring that Id use the big brother to the Dremel.... the 4 inch Angle Grinder. AKA the thing I use for damn near everything :)
I'm wanting to cut the metal mesh where the fan mounts to,soulcatcher I'll PM you later when I'm not so busy.
I used an angle grider with a cutoff wheel to cut mine out, I then used a dremel tool with a sandpaper wheel to make the corners round and smooth everything out. I then hand sanded the cut out so no one gets cut. Turned out great, but did take some time...
use masking tape where you are going to cut as well. it will help make sure the powder coating doesnt crack or chip
Yeah, my bet is also on the angle grinder, and then use files and sandpaper to smooth the edges.
I'm a big fan of using an air cutter. You can get them for a reasonable price if you have an air compressor. They cut straight and they'll go through just about anything with the right wheel. You can also get reinforced cutoff wheels for a Dremel if you fancy those.