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Best way to move everything from my 500gb SSD to a 2gb SSD

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Jul 21, 2011
I've poked around and figured out a few ways to move everything from my current 500gb SSD to a new one but is there a most foolproof way to do it?

What I'd like to do is get a new 2tb m.2, put it in my second m.2 slot, and move everything from my 500gb to my 2tb, then move the 2tb into the gen4 slot.
1. Is that possible in windows?
2. my gpu is covering my second slot and I'm not sure if it will fit if I take out my gpu and put it in first or not.


I did that with Acronis True Image for Western Digital. So long as one of the drives is WD you can download & use it for free. There might be free versions for Crucial and Sabrent too.
My gpu is covering my second slot, thoughts on that bit?

No thoughts outside of the fact that you have to remove it to get the m.2 device in... it will likely run warmer than the other, but, you're using it temporarily so, it wouldn't make a difference?
Just didn't know if it would still fit with the gpu in as well but it sounds like you know it will so cool!
Just didn't know if it would still fit with the gpu in as well but it sounds like you know it will so cool!
Is there a heatsink on it or something? That would be the only thing that gets in the way... but again, you're only transferring data to it, so.... you don't need it since it's only temporarily in that location.
Hmm, I saw "is that possible in windows" so I thought he was moving just files, not cloning the entire OS. My bad :ROFLMAO:
Hilarious that I read it a different way, that he's transferring Windows over. I can't imagine an 11-year member not knowing how to move files from one drive to the next.
Thanks for the help everyone.

To clarify, I am trying to transfer my entire OS within the OS. I have done it in the past using either linux or an external hdd reader or something (I can't remember, it was a while ago).
My concern about the gpu was that my 5600x has no integrated graphics so didn't know if I could toss the gpu over the ssd slot but it seems like i can.
I'll look into that low-profile heatsink for using my current drive as an extra one after, thanks!