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beta BD-7 bios

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here is the bin, it is for bd-7raid, in order to do this, i made a boot disk, put the files for the 6h flash on the disk, then put the bin on the disk, and then renamed it to the bd7_6h bin in order to flash it. only thing different i noticed on it so far, is that it has a mem frequency setting, 1:1, or 4:3, by the way, which is better, i am at 4:3 right now, and im at 2610, im am going to run prime 95 to see if im stable.:D will let everyone know.
4:3 is better, as it uses a 1.33x multiplier on the ram. So if you run the fsb at 133, your ram is at 177.
Hey jdmcnudgent,

....you never mention whether you have any of the !@###@%!#@ reboot problems.... BTW, is the beta bios any good especially in fixin' the @$#!%#@$^#@% reboot problems?
no, it doesnt fix the problem. i think the booting problem is due to memory problem, because the only time i have booting problems, my copmputer will hang at 26, thats memory. and im sorry, the memory setting in the bios is 3:4.
Hmmmm. I'll have to check this one out. Maybe I'll fix it with the new HPT bios also.

As for the 26 code. That's the same one that has caused problems on the TH7II mobo dor a long time when booting. It's not a memory problem because I can get stuck on a 26 code with the memory running at default speeds. It's hard to put a finger on what does cause it. I've been talking with the Abit tech guys and they have yet been able to narrow down what's causing it but they believe it's something that needs looking in to for sure.