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Beta Bios for IC7-G

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New Member
Dec 8, 2005
Hello, long time lurker, first time poster:

I tried the one on abits site, doesnt seem to make any diff.
Wondering if ANY bios will show an accurate temp.
Checked it after months and months, nearly swallowed my tongue when it said my oc was 64c.
shutdown, clean fan, new temp 61 after hours on prime 95

Undid clock, went oem spec- load gave me 59c.
new fan, load oem- same!
Old fan (thermaltake7 quicksilver)...load was 60-61.5
all will idle at 45-48c.
Did a prime 95 (oem) for an hour, with PC laying on its side, powered down, quickly took off new fan heatsink (alum, cheap 20.00) and touched heatsink that contacted CPU...warm
Case temp 22-25.

beta bios offer a fix?
Messed with probes and unless I shim the heatsink with one, I dont have too much faith in 'em.
regards, CWG

edit: I am clocked to 3302MHz,1.55 volts. Bus speed is 880; fsb is 220.1mhz

memory is (3:2) frequency; 146.8 2.5, 3,3,7. @ 2.65V.
this is the OC I tested against stock.


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
Not sure if you have a Northwood or Prescott. If that's a Northwood, it's too warm. If it's a Prescott, back off the vcore a little.