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Better oc after a while

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Oct 30, 2003
I got this cpu by mistake since I had ordered a 2100+, anyway it's a 2200+ tbred-a and when a I first started overclocking it I could only get 2.60ghz stable with a 1.9+/- and now for some reason I'm getting better results, I got it up to 2.2ghz and I just need a little more vcore to get it stable but my board only goes up to 1.85 plus a 10% overvoltage and even then it's not giving me the 1.9 I used to get before. Anyway it's nice that i'm now able to oc it more. By the way my bios id showning me a vcore of 1.85 while cpuid shows me a 1.87 vcore which one should I trust? i'm leaning towards cpuid.
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May 23, 2004
you might want to PM a mod about deleting one of these threads (theres 2 of em), that oc isnt to shabby, what you using to cool it? and 1.85v and 1.87v isnt to much of a diffrence and vcore fluxes with more load on the cpu, so they may both be correct.

shoot a PM to Mr B, im sure he'll hapily delete the other post.


Aug 6, 2002
Yeah some cpu's take a while to "burn in" and can be push further later.

It's a nice suprise. :)