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Beware of mice in the system LOL

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Aug 7, 2001
Im running an external no rad system with a large tank in the loft holding about 25 gallons. Over the last week ive been suffering from higher than normal temps that i couldnt understand. Then yesterday whilst doing a routine survey of my case i noticed floating around the system well what looked like a piece of um Fur if i had a digi camera i would of tagged and bagged it for you. Well this fur procressed round my system through the cpu block and up the pipe back to the loft. So i went to investigate, after opening the tank upstairs i couldnt see anything, then i noticed an object right up against my pump intake eheim 1250 thank god id bothered to put the end on still no filter doh!. Well this mouse had obvoiusly died murder most horrid and i suspect one of its fellow critters pushed him out of the thatch. Into the tank where he drowed and got sucked down. so after 1hr of pumping 25 gallons out of the loft resovoir and refilling and bleeding i have a system that is about 5C cooler under load. Guess mousy was blocking up the intakes. I worked out he fell in while the lid was off the other day whilst i was doing regular plumbing in the loft.

Oh well an intersting story for you.
a pic of temps back to normal :)
eewww.... What did you run through to clean out the system? Personally I would shut off the computer and pump some alchohol and water mixture through it some. Sorry, Im not into dead things in my stuff... lol...
Most of the mouse was still intact.

Most of it was still intact it was just going a little gooey at the edges. Thing is once it was gone i just pumped the water round the system and out of the roof. And refilled it. made a hell of a increase in temps though and it was only blocking 1/4 of the inlet :).
LOL that's a good one

who do you keep your CPU so cool with only a pump res and WB, no rad?
What am i going to do in the summer.

Well the thing is that water cooling even with a radiator you are at the mercy of ambient temperatures, e.g if its 50C outside you will have a relative increase in your water cooling system. (Please never let it heat up outside to 50C). For example, my resovoir water takes alot of time to react to the external air temps due to its volume and insulation e.g the plastic water tank, the other bonus is that it is in a thatch covered house which tends to insulate it well e.g always cooler in the summer than my normal room. Also my temps even now increase during the day by about a degree or so my temps now are 28C but the pc has been encoding mpeg4 all day so i expect that. But it shouldnt be to badly effected by heat rise as the UK is bloody cold all year round these days!. If i do have trouble i will move back to the 150 gallon tank i used to use but modify it slightly with microbore spirals so the PC water dosnt mix with the low pressure house system. As i was having trouble with grit and iron particles before clogging up the system. It made my pipes go Black :). Ive always thought of running the cooler off the mains, just running all day but that isnt very cost effective.
At present im to busy to worry about the summer hell i may not even live that long :)

Oh well if i have problems i will tell you the cure ..
I have a theory. For some reason, the mouse was ****ed off at the noise of that water running, and tried to take your system out in a kamikaze attack :D
Wait till PETA finds out about this abuse. I see a massive campaign against watercooled computers in the near future...
HAHA that's a great story! I'm having a bad day now I've got a little better outlook. Thanks for posting most people wouldn't care to share something like that. Just a suggestion you might stratigically place a few of those no kill traps around your res or get yourself a cat. hehe later.
Stay Cool
Im glad it brightens your day

Well im glad it brightened your day :).

It didnt make mine lol. The top sealed again now anyway my only other worry is the blighters chew the pipes in and out. Bit of a leak that would cause..


Oh well they will leave the thatch in the spring there little field and harvest mice that just abode the house in the colder months.