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Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro for gaming + soud blaster omni

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New Member
Mar 15, 2017
Hello I am looking forward to replace my current headphones, hyperx cloud core, with a DT 770 pro 250 ohm . I use the headphones mostly for gaming, cs go, but also for listening to music. I already own a soudblaster omni usb external soudcard. I wonder if this soundcard is enough to push the DT770 or I will need a amplifier as well?
One more question, has anyone tryed those two headphones I wonder if the DT 770 pro do have a better acoustic isolation then the cloud core. Does anyone know that? I want to listen as few external noises (wife's tv) as possible during gaming.
Thank you for your help!!


Benching Team Leader
May 29, 2005
From a quick google search it looks to have a 600 ohm amp built into the device assuming this is yours: https://smile.amazon.com/Creative-Performance-Headphone-Integrated-Microphone/dp/B00EZT7RE4

I imagine there will be improved sound quality moving from a gaming headset to a dedicated set of headphones, if you have ears that can tell the difference (not everyone does), now one thing to note is that the Beyerdynamic's don't have a microphone so you will have to find/supply one yourself if you use that feature. I would also look at some reviews and make sure that it has the right sound profile that you want to have (flat, V shaped, and so forth) as different headphones have more highs/lows/mids and different people like different sound profiles from their music/movies/games (for example, I believe highs are important for footsteps if you need to listen to those)

I've tested the Beyerdynamic MMX300 headphones and loved them, the clamp was a little tight, but they ended up comfortable and the sound was excellent. I have no idea on the sound isolation. One negative that you will find is that without leather cups there will be a bit more sound coming through than with the velour ear cups (at least from my testing/reviews that I've done), but the velour is so much more comfortable and doesn't lead to sweat build up.

Note: I have never used the cloud core/any hyperx headphones.


Apr 12, 2014
I have the 770's

Loving them, not sure if that built in amp will push them or not
I am using the NAD - D 3020 Amp , it is a a rocking combination
Dec 13, 2005
I actually used the 80 Ohm 770s as travel cans. For sound isolation, they're kind of a mid-tier set. I've used cans with worse isolation (mainly open sets) but there are also a lot better headsets out there.

I haven't used the 250 ohm variant - FWIW supposedly the 80 ohm 770s have slightly better bass response, the 250 ohm 770s have slightly better treble response, haven't tested myself - but the 80 ohm variant is "do-able" unamped, but barely. If what Janus posted is correct, you should be good. But if your soundcard doesn't, a small external amp would help.